Clerk of the Board

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About the Clerk of the Board

The Clerk of the Board is a duly elected official who provides direct administrative support to the Board of County Commissioners (Board). The powers and authority vested in the Clerk of Miami-Dade County's Eleventh Judicial Circuit and County Courts are defined in the Florida Constitution.

As structured, the Clerk provides checks and balances in County Government and presides as the County's public trustee.
In his capacity as ex-officio to the Board, the Clerk exercises authority over the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, the County Recorder, the Value Adjustment Board, the Marriage License Bureau, Code Enforcement, Parking Violations, and Records Management.

  • The Clerk of the Board (COB) maintains minutes and audio recordings for various types of County Commission (Board) meetings.
  • The Board has the power to create commissions, councils, task forces, and other public collegial bodies with delegated authority to make decisions or take action on its behalf. The COB maintains minutes and audio recordings for these meetings as well. (See BCC Established Bodies - Meetings & Minutes)
  • All individuals, firms or corporations employed or retained by a principal to influence legislation or Board decisions or actions must register with the Clerk of the Board (See Lobbyist Registration).
  • A registry of each ordinance and resolution adopted by the Board of County Commissioners (Board) is maintained by the Clerk.