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May 11, 2011

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Sara Schermer

U.S. HUD awards $1.6 million in new funding to Miami-Dade County bringing total 2011 award to nearly $30 million

The Miami Dade County Homeless Trust announced that The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Miami-Dade County an additional $1,613,106 in new funding this year for the implementation of three brand new programs focusing on the chronically homeless, families and veterans in the areas of Miami Beach, South Dade and Miami. This figure brings the amount of HUD funding to nearly 30 million for 2011 and the number of HUD funded programs in Miami Dade County to 89, adding 98 new beds to the county's Homeless Continuum of Care.

"It is noteworthy to  point out that HUD's focus this year was on confronting rural homelessness by targeting a record $16.4 million to 87 never-before-funded programs in less populated areas of the country," said Ronald L. Book, chair of the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust. "The fact that Miami-Dade County was selected to receive new funding is a testament to the superlative performance of our programs and our Continuum of Care. We are honored to partner with US HUD to help end homelessness in Miami-Dade and throughout America," he added.

Over the past 18 years, the work of the Homeless Trust has reduced the number of homeless people on the streets of our community from 8,000 to 800. What's more, Miami-Dade County has seen the amount of HUD funding double in the past decade from $15 million to nearly $30 million, which reflects the excellence of the wide variety of programs funded by The Homeless Trust.

In addition to administering the majority of these federal funds, The Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust also manages the unique local food and beverage tax for homelessness and serves as a policy and coordinating body for homeless services in the County. It also prepares the annual federal application for funding, following community input and the identification of service and housing gaps and needs.

About The Miami Dade County Homeless Trust:
Founded in 1993, The Miami Dade County Homeless Trust is a county agency headed by a board of 27 volunteers appointed by the Miami-Dade County Commission charged with the responsibility of implementing the Miami-Dade County Community Homeless Plan. These volunteers represent the business community, the religious community, the educational community, the provider community, the political community, and formerly homeless individuals. Since its inception, the Homeless Trust has been instrumental in reducing the number of homeless in Miami-Dade County from over 8,000 in 1993 to approximately 800 people today. 

For more information on the Homeless Trust, please contact Sara Schermer at 305-571-1455


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