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Happy Tails


Happy Tails

Mimi (formerly known as Wanda) captured our heart in a picture posted in Pet Finder.  We took our boy, Jr. to meet her on a Friday, only to be told there was a hold on her.  We walked away with a feeling that it just "wasn't meant to be."  I called on Saturday to find out if the hold had pulled her and was told there was no hold and she was adoptable. 

We went back on Monday to complete the paperwork and get her spayed, planning to pick her up on Wednesday.  I returned to find out she had a URI and was unable to undergo her surgery.  I took her anyway while she sneezed green boogies in my car.  She quickly recovered and is the happy dog you see today.  She is our little girl and Jr.'s constant companion.  We are so glad it all worked out!  We now volunteer and foster for MDAS!



Happy Tails

I adopted a Labrador retriever mix, Leila, in August. She's the first dog I ever adopted and I can honestly say from now on I am adopting because to see the amount of dogs that need homes is so sad. I am so glad I adopted her... she's the sweetest dog and she's become a part of the family. Thank you so much to your volunteers helping with the adoption process and allowing me to give Leila a home.



Happy Tails

It had been about ten years since I adopted a dog. My husband gave me the "okay" to adopt another dog and I was off to the shelter in Miami-Dade. My best friend and I were looking at all the puppies and decided to look at the older dogs. We saw a few that seemed to be so sweet. We asked to see a dog named "Tico" who was a year and a half and a chow chow mix.

Once we went to the greeting room we knew this was the perfect pet for my family. I was told he was found on the streets and may have been roaming Miami for about six months or so. Two days later, "Tico" was ready to come home with me. I knew this dog was loved by many in the shelter because he was kissed by three volunteers and I was told I had to take great care of "Tico."

It has now been almost four months and it has been the best decision to adopt. His new name is Copper and is truly a sweet and loving 55 lb. dog. Since my best friend and I own a private school we decided Copper would be the perfect class pet. My third grade students read out loud to Copper and he seems to enjoy it. Copper is also cared for by children with Asperger's and they show a lot of affection to Copper. I cannot put into the words the positive impact a pet can have not only on me but also my students.



Happy Tails

I am so thankful I found Jenny at Miami Dade Animal Services. She is a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix and she was abandoned by her previous owners who moved and no longer wanted her. It's ironic that her original name was "Lucky", I guess I'm the lucky one to have found her. As I walked through the rows of cages, she stood out when she leaned against her cage and stuck out her paw as if to say "Pick me!".

I renamed her "Jenny" and I can still remember the look on her face as the tech brought her out from her cage to the waiting room. I leaned down and she gave me a kiss. We walked out to the car, she jumped right in and wagged her tail the whole ride home. She's now 12 years old and is still as sweet, loving, and loyal as she was the day I brought her home. We have since moved from Dania Beach to Pittsburgh together and she will be my flower girl in my upcoming wedding. She's more than a dog, she's my kid. I really don't know what I would do without her.

Jessica Roberts


Jack & Jasmin

Happy Tails

Thank you again for the 2 wonderful fur babies. We love your babies. They are now 9 months old and BIG. Jack is 8 -9 lbs. and Jasmin is 7-8 lbs. The vet says they are going to be big babies and very healthy. You can see they still love each other and sleep next to each other.

Spring Ricciardi



Happy Tails

Morgan is a one-year-old female Dogo Argentino. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, helped us to study Morgan's behavior and determined she was indeed a Dogo Argentino. He gave us a lot of advice on how to handle this specific breed. We have been working with her, following Cesar's instructions to keep her active by running, walking, but most importantly, by loving her. She is the sweetest dog and loves us very much. We are very happy to have her as she is happy to be part of our family as well.



Happy Tails

I had been looking for another young Dachshund to keep our four-year-old Dachshund company. We fell in love with this breed after getting our first Dachshund. It was several months of looking before we found Scotty - an 11-week-old owner surrender. Scotty was surrendered with his sister - renamed Bruce. He was well worth the wait! As you can see, he is adored and the center of attention everywhere we go.



Happy Tails

On Oct. 21, 2012 at approximately 11 p.m., "Orejita" (a.k.a. Martha) started pacing and whining. We had already let her out for the night at 10 p.m. but we thought she might have an upset stomach as she was being very persistent. We let her out in the backyard and she quickly ran barking towards the back fence line.  We couldn't see what she was barking at, but it wasn't an ordinary bark, it was a very protective type of bark.  We came inside to grab a flashlight and we shone it in the direction where she was at.

To our shock and surprise...there were two persons wearing hoodies squatting with their backs towards us. They didn't move an inch even as we had the light on them and with the dog barking at them. Orejita was relentless and would not "come". She wanted these strangers gone. My husband made a loud remark, "I'm going inside and grabbing my gun!". We walked inside and thank God they decided to walk away while we stepped inside. I believe that Orejita prevented them from breaking into our RV or from them coming into our yard for whatever reason.



Being part of Animal Services' foster care program has been a true blessing. I was caring for Noodle, a sweet puppy, when my high school friend came to visit. One look at Noodle and my friend could not resist! With the help of Animal Services, Noodle was living with her new family in a beautiful home. Recently, they celebrated Noodle's first birthday party. It was quite the celebration which included balloons, gifts, music and cake! They look forward to celebrating many years to come.

Happy foster mom,



Sweety is a two-year-old Terrier Mix. She's been with the Newman family for 2 years now and is the "best baby girl ever!" She is happy to do anything to please her family, especially when a member is feeling sad or stressed. In all, Sweety has been a blessing to the entire family and they look forward many years with her.



Ms. Perrigo recently lost two of her beloved pets due to old age. After months of searching she finally found her perfect life long companion, Hank. Ms. Perrigo urges the public to adopt a pet from our shelter. "The process is easy, the people are nice, and the amount of pets in dire need is too much" she said.

This adoption was truly destined to be as this animal was against all odds. From a medical perspective, the pet had an intermittent limp of RRL, required further examination and posed a possible ligament rupture. Nonetheless, the compassion and commitment from Ms. Perrigo allowed her to rehabilitated Hank into the loving life partner he was meant to be!




I am writing to tell you the happy story about the two-year-old cairn terrier mix I adopted 6 weeks ago. To say its been a tough year for me is putting it mildly. My mother collapsed and died suddenly in June, and just when I started to catch my breath, 3 and a half months after, my 20-year-old dog died. My little Pucchini was the nicest boy, such a sweet guy, always happy, at the end when the light was fading from his eyes, I knew what was coming, I guess I didn't want to see it, the funny part is he used to be my mother's dog. I adopted him when he was 16-and-a-half years old.  He was the most amazing dog, no way I could find another dog so perfect. I was wrong.

When he died I was numb, It was almost too much for me. I would pray for answers for why this was happening to me. I believe everything happens for a reason, but even I was at a loss for the reason. My pain was blinding. I often said when Pucchini died I would not get another dog to give myself a break, but I was torn. I missed having a dog. I had always had a dog in my life, so the weekend before I adopted Bobbybear I said if I was meant to have another dog I would see some sort of sign telling me it was ok for me to move on. Its always a good thing saving a life. Dogs have always been my savior throughout my life; my love affair with dogs started at an early age. So there I was browsing the web, I wasn't even sure what I was looking for. May be that sign I told you about before.

Somehow I ended up at your site, and saw a familiar smile staring back at me, and there he was, a small black terrier mix with no name. The same sweet attentive smile I had seen so often in pictures before. It was love at first sight, and I knew he was my dog. So I called and rushed down the next day to put him on hold, he had just come in and hadn't even been evaluated, but I knew everything would be alright. They took me in the back, and I told him not to worry, I will be back for him soon, and we have been inseparable since that day. He is such a sweet happy affectionate boy, my Bobbybear sunshine. He has an amazing spirit, and everyone who meets him says how cute and sweet he is.  He is a perfect little boy. When he takes me for walks I try to keep up with him as best I can :o). I couldn't ask for a better boy. I thank you for my little furry sunshine and bless you for the work you do.




Hello! I'm writing you to tell you about the puppy I adopted 5 months ago in May 2010, Max. At the moment he didn't have a name, just a number, and was in a cage with his brothers and sisters, all of whom had a hold on them, but for some reason, he seemed to be the runt of the family in there and nobody wanted him. I had placed a hold on his brother but there were 3 other people in front of me, and when I asked about him, they said nobody was looking to have him, so I took him (much to my mom's surprise when I got home, and against her wishes!).

Let's just say this little guy grew up big, and grew into our hearts more than we ever thought he would. He's very loyal and faithful to me, taking showers with me, sleeping with me, and following me around the house. He loves to go out on car rides and get shown off to people, and is very loving (and still teething, but thankfully he hasn't gotten a hold of the couches yet!). I would like to thank you for such a blessing into our home, and for a wonderful pet who is more like another member of the family than a dog... we love you Max!!


Ringo Starr


This is Ringo Starr! I adopted him about 2 months ago. I wasn't thinking about a pet, since i was afraid i wouldn't have enough time to give him attention, until i paid a visit to Animal Services in Miami. I saw that little thing with big eyes and a cute blue bandana on his neck and i didn't resist. Luckily he wasn't on hold and i could get him. He is a joy in my life. He is a very intelligent dog. In one week he learned the basic commands like "sit", "give me five" and "down". He travelled twice already and is my best companion. He loves to swim at the beach and play among other dogs at the dog park. No regrets at all. He is the best gift i could ask for!!!




It is with great pleasure and gratitude that Bianca and I write with an update devoid of panic and/or requests for more help! Thanks to all of you, Roxie has graduated from survival mode to true puppy bliss: playing, chewing on everything in sight; rolling in the grass; attention gathering; and being a truly great companion.

Since our last update, Roxie has continued to improve.  She has re-gained all of her weight and then some. She loves to play and meet people and other dogs, but she has a special affection for children. She has started to demonstrate all of the playfulness, curiosity, and, at times, mischief, that one would expect of a puppy her age, while always maintaining the super-sweet and calm personality you all have experienced. When people meet her, they almost always comment on how mellow and sweet she is. She is very well behaved considering all she has been through.

She's also overcome ringworm on her ears (much better, thanks Dr. Hatfield) and tapeworm, but both have improved dramatically.

We would love the opportunity, when it is convenient, to bring her back to see, thank, and lick, all of you who helped her (and us) so selflessly. Here are a few pix of Roxie feeling much better than the last time most of you saw her.

Thanks again.

Jamie Malphurs and Bianca Veloso. 




I adopted Charlie New Years eve last year after his previous owner gave him up to Animal Services. For whatever their reasons were, Charlie (once named Thor) looked out of place and scared. I wanted to adopt a large dog because I felt they are the hardest to be placed in new homes. I could never imagine my life without him. He has become protective of his home and family, as if he knew we saved his life. Now at about 100 pounds, Charlie spends his days playing with his doggie friends and loves being taken for walks and car rides. I knew he was special from the moment I laid eyes on him. It truly was love at first sight.




My husband and I adopted one-year-old Sivko the cat (named Boots at the shelter) on October 25, 2010 and we absolutely love him! He has been a great addition to our family and we truly enjoy his companionship. Sivko loves to chase and play with his toy mouse. He even fetches the stuffed mouse and will bring it back to you to throw again (he must think he is part dog)! He has brought so much happiness and laughter to our household...he is quite the entertainer! We love to watch his energetic spurts as he tears through the house, bouncing off the furniture, walls and anything in his path.  We are so thankful we could rescue him from the shelter and give him the loving home he deserves. We feel so lucky to have him as part of our family. Miami Dade Animal Services does such a great job for this county's animals and we encourage anyone looking for a new animal to adopt from the shelter.

- Rebecca and Marcos


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