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Hurricane Irma

As we continue our recovery and cleanup efforts, please visit the Emergency website for the latest information on openings and closings in Miami-Dade County.

Important Animal Disease Notice

The Florida Department of Agriculture has confirmed the presence of New World screwworm in a stray dog from Homestead, FL.

Screwworms are the screw-shaped larvae or maggots of the parasitic Screwworm fly that can infest animals through an open wound and feed on the animal’s living flesh.

To learn more about screwworms and how to protect your pets, please visit or call 1-800-HELP-FLA (1-800-435-7352).

See Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez's full statement.

Keeping Your Pets Safe From Screwworm

The aggressive screwworm differs from other flies. Most fly maggots only eat the superficially infected or dead flesh around a wound, the screwworm maggots burrow deeper into healthy tissue.
The tissue-eating maggots feed on the normal flesh causing severe damage to the tissue. If not caught and treated in time, death can result.

Check Your Pets

If you have an outdoor pet check them at least once a day, preferably twice daily. If your pet has any open wounds make sure that the wound is treated by your veterinarian. It is best to keep the pet indoors until the wound heals to avoid exposure.  However, if you have to leave your pet outside, make sure that the wound is completely covered so that flies cannot get to it.  Remember, screwworms like to lay their eggs in open wounds.

Pet's Wound Looks Odd

Take your pet to the veterinarian immediately! Screwworms can be treated if caught in time. Your pet will not be taken from you, but needs to have the wound treated by a veterinarian. Your pet will need both antibiotics and pain medication as screwworms are painful.

There is no over the counter medicine that you can put on your pet if it gets infected. Remember, screwworms dig deep into the pet’s tissue, therefore, it is important to obtain treatment from your veterinarian immediately.


Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at 1-800-HELP-FLA (1-800-435-7352).

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