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For Immediate Release:
June 20, 2012
Media Contact:
Luis Mendoza

This Fourth of July Animal Services Invites you to Pledge Allegiance to Adopt

The Fourth of July commemorates the country’s Declaration of Independence. It reminds us all to pledge allegiance to our country. This Fourth of July Miami-Dade Animal Services celebrates all festivities with a bang; we encourage you pledge allegiance to adopt. With the Fourth of July upon us, Miami-Dade Animal Services will be hosting half price adoptions for the general public and Free Adoptions for all Veteran/Military Personnel.

Since no holiday cookout would be complete without a spunky dog around as you prepare BBQ bliss or a cool cat lounging in the window sill while you entertain, Animal Services invites you to come pick out a new patriotic pal on Sunday, July 1st".

Daily there are hundreds of deserving pets in the shelter waiting for their chance to be adopted into a loving home. It is very important to keep this in mind when considering extending your family with a pet, there is always one here who can bring lots of happiness and love to any family," said Alex Muñoz, Director of Animal Services.

Each year, Animal Services receives over 30,000 pets. The goal of this event, as with any event in which the department participates, is to increase pet adoptions and community awareness and involvement with the shelter.  For more information, visit Miami-Dade Animals or call 3-1-1.