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Block Party Permit

Block Party Permit Application Form

   Please complete and submit the following information. For questions or inquiries please call Public Works Department at 305-375-2030. Miami-Dade Police Department requires that the application should be submitted at least five (5) working days in advance.

Note:Miami-Dade County noise ordinance restricts street closure from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. only.
*Name of Person Requesting permit:  
*Address(Line 1):  
Address(Line 2):
  * State:   * Zip:   
*Phone:(Example 305-555-1234):
   Cell:   Fax:  
*Email Address:
*Reason for blocking:
*Date and time of street closing: Date in the format (mm/dd/yyyy)  
Hrs.   Min.   AM/PM  
Hrs.  Min.  AM/PM  
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* Enter the zip code and streets to be blocked off: (Example:SW 21ST AVE from SW 32ND ST to SW 33RD ST) Please enter the street address(s) in the text area(s) or select the street address(s) from the drop down list(s) and click "Add" to make a selection.
Main Street:
Example:SW 21ST AVE
Corridor To Be Blocked From: Example:SW 32ND ST
  To: Example:SW 33RD TER
Find out street formats
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