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May 25, 2012
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Alejandra Castro Nuñez

Cooperative Extension receives 2012 NACO Achievement Award

Extension honored for its educational program on Whitefly Management

(MIAMI, May 25, 2012) – The Miami-Dade County Cooperative Extension Division of the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department (RER) has been awarded a 2012 National Association of County’s Award (NACO), for its educational program on Whitefly Management.  NACO recognizes effective and innovative programs that contribute to and enhance county government in the United States.

Immediately following the announcement of a new whitefly infestation in South Florida, Extension began offering homeowners and landscapers the opportunity to learn more about the pests and how to protect their plants by hosting a series of educational workshops.   The program targeted the entire county including: residents, Pest Control Operators, landscape professionals and ground maintenance employees from county, cities, and municipalities.

The objective of the workshops was to teach the community how to identify whiteflies and their damage to plants, and to educate landscape professionals and pesticide applicators on how to treat whiteflies without damaging the environment.

“The importance of this highly successful program cannot be underestimated,” said Mario Goderich, Assistant Director of the Regulatory and Economic Enhancement Department.  “Extension has been instrumental in combating the spread of whitefly by educating the pesticide industry and general population about this serious issue.   “Without their efforts, the economic loss would be far beyond the actual numbers to date.”

The Cooperative Extension staff demonstrated dedication and commitment to develop and conduct a variety of educational activities and provided information in English and Spanish for the entire community. NACO recognized Extension for putting together and innovative program which contributes to and enhances county government.

The Miami-Dade Cooperative Extension is a partnership of the Miami-Dade Business Affairs Division of the Regulatory and Economic Enhancement Department and the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.