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For Immediate Release:
March 11, 2014
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John McLaughlin

Extension tribute to Black History Month

(MIAMI, March 11, 2014) -- Miami-Dade’s Cooperative Extension commemorated Black History Month by creating an in-depth presentation on the: “Guide to planting an African-American/African Focused Yard” for residents of Miami-Dade County.

The power-point presentation, authored by Dr. John McLaughlin of Miami-Dade County’s Cooperative Extension features a comprehensive historical overview and introductory on vegetables and ornamentals (annuals/bedding plants) depicting traditional African American Yards in days of old.   

Each subsequent article offers readers pertinent, sound facts on how historical Afro American gardening traditions were developed.  Articles replicate early garden motifs, their variable use and intended purpose.  Associated articles also provide factual details, illustrative sketching’s that methodically outline planting methods and guidelines on how to structure and plant a garden to authenticate this past motif.  Featured articles include: a Guide to planting a African-American/African focused yard in Miami-Dade County while taking into account local growing conditions, specifically soil and climate differences and a Selection on Vegetables Commonly found throughout West Africa yet suitable for planting in Miami-Dade County’s sub-tropical climate.

Dr. McLaughlin is commended for the abundance of research gathered and spearheading a project of this magnitude.  Extension is proud to share these materials and information to our diverse community in tribute and commemoration of Black History month.

For more information, please visit the University of Florida/Miami-Dade County Cooperative Extension website at: Readers may download a “PDF” version or view this presentation by clicking this link: