About Clerk of the Board

The Honorable Harvey Ruvin serves as Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners ("Board"). The Clerk provides administrative and clerical staff support to the County Commission, pursuant to the Miami-Dade County's Home Rule Charter and the Boards Rules of Procedure PDF (2.4 MB).

The Director of the Clerk of the Board (COB), manages the day-to-day operations of this branch of Miami-Dade County's Clerk of Courts. The Clerk or his designee performs the following functions during Board meetings:

  • Calls the roll and announces when a quorum is present.  In the event a quorum is not present, calls for the election of a temporary presiding officer or adjourns the meeting in the absence of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson;
  • Tallies all votes and announces the results of roll call votes;
  • Administers the Oath of Office for newly elected officials upon the Chairperson's request; and
  • Swears-in all persons wishing to testify before the Board during Zoning (Quasi-Judicial) hearings. 

The functions of the Clerk of the Board Division include, but are not limited to, those highlighted below:

  • Records and prepares written minutes for all Board meetings; including its committees,  subcommittees, commissions, councils, trusts, task forces, and other public collegial bodies created by the Board and granted decision-making authority;
  • Prepares all instructions ("Directives") given by the County Commission Chairperson and Members of the Board to the Mayor and the County Administration, in the form of brief reports; and enters these reports into the Directive Database for follow-up by the Administration.
  • Prepares and publishes advertisements in the Daily Business Review as well as courtesy notices in The Miami Herald of all Board meetings; including all public hearings and Sunshine meetings; 
  • Maintains a registry of each ordinance and resolution adopted by the Board and transmits this legislation to the Municipal Code Corporation in Tallahassee, Florida for codification into Miami-Dade County Code;
  • Executes all ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other documents or instruments approved by the Board; and maintains official file copies;
  • Prepares the Board's annual meeting calendar, in collaboration with the Board Chairperson, and places it on the agenda for approval in October of each year;
  • Registers all lobbyists conducting or seeking to conduct business in Miami-Dade County; 
  • Manages the County's Lobbyist Registration process, collects fees, and maintains Lobbyist Registration Forms and Reports;
  • Manages and coordinates the process of nominating and appointing individuals to the various County advisory boards; and maintains the County's Board Advisory System (CBAS);
  • Receives all bids and requests for proposals, qualifications, quotes, etc. for goods and services; coordinates and monitors public bid openings;
  • Receives and processes initiative, referendum, and recall petitions; 
  • Receives and processes all Mayoral vetoes;
  • Maintains attendance and voting records for all commissioners; 
  • Accepts claims filed against Miami-Dade County for personal injury or property damage;  
  • Issues Home Solicitor Licenses and processes Palmistry Permit Applications; and
  • Maintains custody of the seal of the Board.