Committee and Subcommittee - Meetings and Minutes

The Board of County Commissioners' ("Board") standing committees and subcommittees make up the County's legislative committee system, which functions as a separate branch of County Government. 

The committee system facilitates policy development and legislative oversight. More significantly, it serves as a forum for optimal public participation. 

Public hearings are held before standing committees, unless such hearings must be held before the County Commission pursuant to state or federal law. Committees submit proposed amendments to agenda items for approval by the Board as well as recommendations for prospective agenda items.

All items or amendments approved by standing committees are forwarded to the full Board for adoption or approval.

Currently, the Board's Committee System is comprised of eight standing committees. Committees may resolve themselves into subcommittees pursuant to Rule 3.01(c) of the Rules of Procedure. View Committee Structure and AssignmentsPDF

Subcommittees may also be appointed by the County Commission's Chairperson to study or investigate a specific matter(s) under the jurisdiction of a standing committee or to consider legislation or policy issues.

Committees of the Whole may be called by a majority vote of the County Commission to discuss and debate specific policy matters such as changes to the commission committee system, the County Commission's Rules of Procedure or other legislative policy issues.

All 13 commissioners may participate on Committees of the Whole, although a quorum is not required.

Ad Hoc Committees are created at the Board of County Commissioners' Chairperson's discretion, to perform advisory functions and facilitate policy development as specific needs arise. The findings and recommendations of these committees are forwarded to the County Commission for consideration and action.

Ad Hoc Committees are dissolved once their charge is complete. Committees created by the Board within the past 10 years include the Affordable Housing, the Charter Review, the Compensation and Benefits Review, and the Miami-Dade Aviation Ad Hoc Committees as well as the Redistricting Ad Hoc Subcommittee.