Board of County Commissioners' Agendas

The meeting agendas for the Board of County Commissioners ("Board") are prepared by the Office of Agenda Coordination, pursuant to the Board's Rules of Procedure PDF(3.4 MB), Rule 5.05. 

All items on the official agenda are considered in the order they appear on the respective agenda. However, certain item(s) may be considered out of order at the Chairperson's discretion or if a majority of those members present consent.

A separate list referred to as a "Pull List" is compiled for all regular meetings, which includes agenda items identified ("pulled") by the Board of County Commissioners' (Board) Chairperson, an individual commissioner or one or more commissioners for discussion or follow-up.

The "Pull List" must be approved by a majority vote.  Once approved, the Board considers each item on the list individually or collectively, in the order they appear on the official agenda. All items remaining on the agenda after the list is approved, may be adopted or approved by a single, majority vote.

The requirements, limitations, and process for items placed on or removed from agendas are defined in the Board's Rules of Procedure,

Need more information regarding agendas, the agenda process, how to access and download copies of an agenda online or how to appear before the County Commission? Contact the Agenda Coordinator at 305-375-2035 or via email at