Commission Established Bodies - Meetings and Minutes

The Mayor and the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) have the power to establish advisory boards and committees, commissions, councils, and other public collegial bodies (as briefly described below), pursuant to the Sunshine Law

  • Advisory Boards and Committees
    Advisory boards/committees are groups generally established to advise or inform the decision-making process through fact-finding consultations, information gathering, and reporting.

    Commissions may have broad, delegated decision-making authority on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners.

    Councils are created as County agencies or instrumentalities to promote social, economic, and environmental viability and sustainability.

    Tasks Forces
    A special committee created by the Mayor or the Board of County Commissioners as a temporary agency or instrumentality, to study a particular problem is called a Task Force.

    Trusts act as wholly independent entities and may advise the BCC on policy matters.

    Community Redevelopment Agencies
    Community Redevelopment Areas serve a public purpose by eliminating slum and blight in designated areas, with incremental tax revenue generated from the respective area.