Councils - Meetings and Minutes

Councils are agencies or instrumentalities of the County that promote social, economic, and environmental viability and sustainability within Miami-Dade County.

Pursuant to the mandates of the Florida Statutes, the Board of County Commissioners ("Board") must develop a Countywide plan for tourist development and establish an advisory council to develop and submit said plan for its consideration and approval.

The Board adopted Ordinance No. 78-28 on April 4, 1978, establishing the Tourist Development Council (TDC)

The TDC was established pursuant to Chapter 125.0104 of the Florida State Statutes and Chapter 212, the Local Option Development Act, which mandates that counties adopt an ordinance levying and imposing the convention development tax.

The primary charge of the TDC is to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively and that rates and charges are imposed equitably. 

More importantly, the Board established the Tourist Development Council and charged it with developing a Countywide Plan for tourist development. The TDC serves as a catalyst that promotes Miami-Dade County as a major tourist destination.

The TDC presents Countywide Plan for Tourist Development for review and approval by the County Commission annually, pursuant to Chapter 77-209 of the Florida Statutes.