Trusts - Meetings and Minutes

The Public Health Trust and the Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust, formerly Metro-Miami Action Plan Trust, were created by the Board of County Commissioners ("Board") as an independent agency or instrumentality of the County, with delegated authority to act or make decisions on its behalf.

The Public Health Trust (PHT) was created in 1973 as an agency and instrumentality of the County, pursuant to Chapter 25A of the County Code. The PHT is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and governance of Jackson Health System (JHS); which includes, but is not limited to Jackson Memorial Hospital, Jackson North Medical Center, and Jackson South Community Hospital.

In 2010, the PHT faced an unprecedented financial crisis. The Board adopted Resolution R-323-10PDF , directing the Mayor to place the PHT on management watch. The Board acted to ensure that JHS remained sustainable as a fully functioning public, safety net hospital. 

The PHT Management Team was created by the Mayor as a review and oversight team to assist the PHT in efforts to plan, assess, monitor, and improve its financial status.

Several managerial and financial deficiencies identified by the PHT Management Team, coupled with the report issued by the Miami-Dade County Grand Jury, led to changes in the governance of the PHT. The Grand Jury warned that this was a critical path to JHS' sustainability.

In response, the Board adopted resolution R-30-11 PDF on January 20, 2011, establishing the Hospital Governance Task Force. 

Until 2011, the PHT's Board of Trustees served as its governing body; however, the County Commission adopted Ordinance 10-32 on May 18, 2010, amending Chapter 25A of the Code, establishing the Financial Recovery Board as the PHT's governing body for a two-year period.