Regular (Legislative) Meetings and Minutes

The Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners ("Board") functions as a legislative and a quasi-judicial body or a central metropolitan government. The Board holds various types of meetings pursuant to its Rules of ProcedurePDF (3.4 MB).

The Board functions as a legislative body during Regular meetings. It convenes as a quasi judicial body during Zoning meetings.

The Clerk maintains minutes and audio recordings for all Board meetings pursuant to Government-in-the-Sunshine (the Sunshine Law). A brief description of Regular meetings and the various types of Regular meetings are provided below to help expedite your search efforts. 

Regular Meetings or legislative sessions are scheduled the first and third Tuesday and Thursday of each month. If the day fixed falls on a designated legal holiday, such meeting may be held on another day or canceled. Tuesday meetings are scheduled to carry-over to Thursday if necessary.

Other types of meetings categorized as regular include emergency, special, committee of the whole, workshop, and joint meetings. The full Board convenes for these legislative sessions. However, a quorum is not required for committees of the whole, workshops, or joint meetings.

Special Meetings are called by a majority of the Board to discuss specific policy matters. Written notice of any such meeting must be signed by a majority of all 13 commissioners and submitted to the Board's Chairperson and the Clerk.

Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, the Clerk must serve written notice to each commissioner stating the purpose of special or emergency meetings, along with the date, time, and location. These meetings must be held at least 24 hours after the Clerk receives written notice, and no other business transaction is permitted.

Emergency Meetings are called by the Chairperson of the Board when, in his/her opinion, an emergency exists that requires immediate action by the Board.

Joint Meetings are held between the Board and other governmental entities that share mutual areas of responsibility.

The County Commission may convene as a Committee of the Whole during any regular or special meeting. Committees of the Whole and Workshops are forums for policy development, discussion, and debate; however, any decision or recommendation made during such forums must be forwarded to the County Commission for approval.