Overview of Lobbying Guidelines

Pursuant to Section 2.11.1(s), of Miami-Dade County's Conflict of Interest Code of Ethics Ordinance, a "lobbyist" is any person, firm or corporation seeking to influence the adoption, modification or defeat of legislation; or any action, decision or recommendation of the Mayor and the Board of County Commissioners (Board).

Additionally, a lobbyist is defined as any person seeking to influence any action, decision or recommendation of County Personnel or any public collegial body with delegated authority to act or make decisions or recommendations on the Board's behalf such as a council, trust, task force or review committee. 

The principal and any employee whose normal scope of employment includes lobbying activities is a lobbyist, pursuant to the ordinance.  

All lobbyists must complete the following forms/reports and file them with the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners:
An Annual Lobbyist Registration Form 2015 and pay a lobbyist registration fee of $490 before engaging in any lobbying activity. 

  • Each lobbyist shall, within 60 days after registering as a lobbyist, submit to the Clerk of the Board a certificate of completion of an ethics course offered by the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust. Need additional information? Contact the Ethics Commission at http://ethics.miamidade.gov/ or call 305-579-2594.
  • An Activity Authorization Form PDF with the Clerk of the Board for each principal.
  • The principal and lobbyist must file a Joint Contingency Fee Affidavit PDF
  • The lobbyist must also file a detailed Lobbyist Expenditure Report PDF with the Clerk of the Board on or before July 1st of each year for any expenses in excess of $25.00.
  • When a lobbyist is no longer retained by or no longer authorized to lobby on behalf of a principal, the lobbyist must file a Notice of Withdrawal Form PDF with the Clerk of the Board.

Who is not required to pay a lobbyist registration fee? 
An attorney, expert witness or other persons employed or retained to represent an individual, firm or corporation in quasi-judicial proceedings; or to represent an association or a not-for-profit community based organization, are not defined as lobbyists and thus are not required to register or pay a fee.

Pursuant to the Conflict of Interest Code of the Ethics Ordinance, any principal lobbying for his/her firm or corporation or any person lobbying for a certified small business enterprise or community small business enterprise, must register with the Clerk of the Board; however, they are not required to pay a fee. 

Vendor Representatives
Vendor representatives doing business with Jackson Health System and the Public Health Trust must lobby in accordance with the Vendor Access and Lobbying Activity Policy