Ordinances Enacted by the County Commission

An "ordinance" is a rule or regulation enacted by the Board of County Commissioners ("Board").  All ordinances must be presented to the Board twice for consideration before adoption: on first and second readings. Once adopted, the Clerk assigns a number to each ordinance, which is codified in Miami-Dade County's Code of Ordinances.

When an ordinance is considered on first reading, the public is not allowed to speak. The Board may adopt all ordinances presented for first reading in a single vote, in pairs or individually.

All ordinances adopted by the Board are executed by the Clerk of the Board on the effective date, which is ten days following its adoption. 

The Board adopts its own rules of procedure and decides which of its actions shall be enacted by ordinance or resolution, pursuant to Section 1.02 of the Home Rule Charter

The exception is any action that raises revenue, appropriates funds, incurs indebtedness, imposes a penalty or establishes a rule or regulation for a violation that results in a penalty, must be enacted by ordinance.  

The Charter provides that any action by the Board which abolishes or consolidates the office of constables or any County office created by the legislature; or consolidates and transfers any of the functions of such offices, must be enacted by ordinance.

The Charter also provides that any action by the Board which establishes, merges, and abolishes special purpose districts within which police and fire protection, beach erosion control, recreation facilities, water, streets, sidewalks, street lighting, waste and sewage collection and disposal, drainage, and other essential facilities and services may be provided, must be enacted by ordinance.

The Clerk of the Board (COB) places advertisements of all ordinances in the Daily Business Review at least 7 days before the public hearing on first or second reading; as well as a "courtesy" notice in the Local Section of The Miami Herald, the Saturday before the scheduled public hearing date, pursuant to the Board's Rules of ProcedurePDF.

The Ordinance Registry is maintained by the COB.