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May 03, 2012
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Jason T. Smith


Commissioner Jean Monestime stands up for local workers

Board of County Commissioners creates historic ‘First Source’ hiring program for County residents

Residents in Miami-Dade County were given a new path to employment this week when the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners approved the creation of the County’s “First Source Hiring Referral Program” (Ordinance No. 12-32) on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

Commissioner Jean Monestime, District 2, co-sponsored the legislation, which identifies South Florida Workforce as a “first source” job registry and referral service for County contracted work.  The prime sponsor of the measure was Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan, District 1.

“Commissioner Jordan did an excellent job in creating this historic legislation and steering it towards adoption by the full Board of County Commissioners,” Commissioner Monestime said.

The First Source legislation assures County residents priority for new jobs created by County contracted work.  It mandates that projects funded with County funds shall provide for increased employment opportunities for County residents.  County contractors are responsible for notifying South Florida Workforce of job vacancies arising under County contracts, and must make a good faith effort to fill 50% of employee needs exclusively from the “first source” registry of County residents.

“If you want professional and social mobility in our community, the first step is to find jobs. That’s why the First Source legislation is so important,” said Commissioner Monestime. “This is an added tool to ensure that County residents have access to jobs.”

With the creation of this program, Miami-Dade County joins other jurisdictions such as Washington, D.C.; Berkeley, California; and San Francisco, California, which have all created similar “first source” programs to ensure their local residents have access to jobs.