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January 19, 2011
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Gerard Philippeaux


Vice Chairwoman Edmonson listens to survivors of Haiti’s earthquake tell their stories

Vice Chairwoman Audrey M. Edmonson joined Commissioner Jean Monestime during a ceremony he hosted on behalf of survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The event took place at Miami-Dade County Chambers on January 12, 2011. Several Haitian nationals told first-hand accounts of where they were during the earthquake and how they managed to survive during the worst natural disaster the island has ever experienced.

Immediately after the earthquake, Vice Chairwoman Edmonson was appointed by then-Chairman Dennis C. Moss to oversee a task force that would provide relief to the Haitian people. Through her efforts and those of her colleagues and County staff, much was accomplished.

"Over $300,000 was collected, 600 pallets of food, water and supplies were shipped, emergency equipment and vehicles were transported and countless hours of volunteer time from our valued employees were spent in support," noted Vice Chairwoman Edmonson. "I commend my colleagues for their dedication, concern and compassion. And I thank all the employees and residents of this wonderful county that helped in any way toward this effort."

County Commissioners with Haitian survivors of earthquake.
County Commissioners with Haitian survivors of earthquake.