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For Immediate Release:
June 30, 2011
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Marta Martinez-Aleman


Vice Chairwoman Edmonson warns residents about July 4th celebratory gunfire: What goes up must come down

In preparation for the July 4th weekend, Miami-Dade Vice Chairwoman Audrey M. Edmonson and City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado held their annual "One Bullet Kills the Party" press conference and rally on Thursday, June 30, asking the community not to engage in celebratory gunfire on Independence Day. The elected officials were joined by local law enforcement and clergy members at  Charles Hadley Park, 1300 NW 50th Street, in Miami.

"Let's party down, let's barbecue, let's do whatever you do on the Fourth of July. We can celebrate without firing guns in the air," said Vice Chairwoman Edmonson. "When a bullet goes up, it is coming back down."

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), bullets shot into the air can climb two miles and then fall at a rate of 300 to 700 feet per second. Vice Chairwoman Edmonson participates in this public message prior to every Independence Day and New Year's Eve to warn residents of the dangers of celebratory gunfire.

For more information, please contact Vice Chairwoman Edmonson's district office at 305-636-2331.

Fourth of July Ceremony 
(Photo credit: Armando Rodriguez/Miami-Dade County)