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For Immediate Release:
September 21, 2012
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Marta Martinez-Aleman


Vice Chairwoman participates in Miami-Dade Coastal Cleanup

Vice Chairwoman Audrey M. Edmonson and her staff joined volunteers at the 2012 Miami-Dade Coastal Cleanup held Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012 at the Pelican Harbor Marina, located at 1275 N.E. 79 St., Miami in District 3 and part of Miami-Dade County Parks and Open Spaces.  This local effort is part of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), which is sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy and is supported locally by business and environmentally conscious organizations.  Worldwide, thousands of volunteers from over 100 countries spend their morning collecting millions of pounds of litter and debris on inland roadsides, coastal areas, inland lakes and rivers. Volunteers assist in this effort to clean and protect the environment by eliminating debris that injures wildlife, contaminates our beaches and waterways, and threatens boater safety in Miami-Dade County.

The ICC is much more than just removing trash. By using detailed, standardized data cards, volunteers gather valuable information about the types and sources of debris found. Analyzed and tracked year by year, this information serves as a powerful tool for educating the public, influencing public policy, and effecting positive behavioral change on the part of individuals, organizations, and communities. The collection of this data by cleanup volunteers of all ages and the resulting report prepared by The Ocean Conservancy is used in the following ways:

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Photo Credits: Marta Martinez- Aleman/ Office of Vice-Chairwoman Edmonson