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May 07, 2014
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Marta Martinez-Aleman


Commissioner Edmonson encourages students to stay safe by showing the dangers of drinking and driving with a Mock DUI presentation at Miami Edison Senior High

Commissioner Edmonson speaks to students at Miami Edison Senior High School 

Miami FL - On May 2, 2014, Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson joined first responders in carrying out the second annual Mock DUI Environmental Strategy organized by the Urban Partnership Drug Free Community at Miami Edison Senior High School, 6161 N.W. 5th Court, Miami to remind students not to drink and drive as they party at prom. Students acted out the part of prom attendees and firefighters, police and medical personnel “responded to the scene” after an automobile crash caused by underage drinkers. The event also included a mock funeral for the “victims” of the crash.

 “The damage caused by underage drinking may be life changing,” Commissioner Edmonson said.  “Serious injury, even death, to you or your friends or to innocent bystanders can happen when you drink and drive.  We want you to have fun this prom season but we want you to make smart choices.”

Students “party” before prom

Crash “victims” are aided by firefighters and medical personnel


Una alumna simula hacer una prueba para determinar si está embriagada