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For Immediate Release:
September 09, 2015
Media Contact:
Marta Martinez-Aleman


Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez and Commissioner Audrey Edmonson announce the establishment of free Wi-Fi access for Liberty Square residents

MIAMI (September 09, 2015) — The Miami-Dade County Public Housing and Community Development Department (PHCD), in collaboration with Florida International University (FIU), unveiled a community-based public Wi-Fi in Liberty Square housing community today at 4:30 p.m. at the Liberty Square Community Center, 6304 N.W. 14 Avenue in Miami. This enhancement will begin to bridge the digital divide and improve digital literacy by providing the residents of Liberty Square with unfettered internet access.

“My administration has always been committed to bringing the benefits of the digital age within reach of all residents of Miami-Dade County,” said Mayor Carlos Gimenez. “Information is power and this is the first phase of our commitment to provide free Wi-Fi access to all of Liberty Square as part of the Liberty City Rising Initiative. This will help residents gain information on federal, state and local services, educational resources, job training and employment opportunities, and of course, specific information on the progress of Liberty City Rising.”

Over the last 10 months, PHCD and FIU worked closely with the Liberty Square Resident Council under the leadership of Sara Smith, to install the necessary hardware and software in the Liberty Square Community Center that will allow residents to access the internet at no cost from within the Center.

Initially the system is able to simultaneously support 200 users. Over the next two years, we will work to make the system open to all residents of Liberty Square, and then access will be transitioned to the new buildings that will be part of the new Liberty Square Rising redevelopment effort.

“I want the residents of Liberty Square to have as many tools as possible when navigating educational and job opportunities and free Wi-Fi is one of those tools,” said Commissioner Audrey Edmonson. “This great effort is one step closer to closing the digital-divide. I am glad to have been involved in making this happen.”