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September 04, 2012
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Rosa Quiroz

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa to present a resolution urging the reinstatement of prior absentee ballot requirements

In order to restore integrity to the absentee ballot process, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa will introduce a resolution at the Board of County Commissioners meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 6, urging the Florida Legislature to reinstate "for cause" absentee ballot requirements that were in place prior to 1997.

Previously, in order to request an absentee ballot, a voter had to indicate that he or she qualified under needed circumstances. Effective January 1, 1997, the Florida Legislature eliminated the "for cause" absentee ballot requirements allowing anyone, "who is unable to attend the polls on election day" pursuant to Chapter 96-57, Laws of Florida to place an absentee ballot request.

Commissioner Sosa sponsored an ordinance passed by the Board of County Commissioners in December 2011 that amended the County Code to make violators of current absentee ballot laws pay fines and/or serve jail time.

"It is our responsibility to preserve the most precious right of a Democracy, the right to vote," said Commissioner Sosa. "I firmly believe in the people of this County and trust that they want to make a difference. I will continue to work on legislation that will preserve a citizen's right to vote and restore integrity to the absentee ballot process."

For more information on this resolution, please contact Commissioner Sosa's office at 305-267-6377.