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For Immediate Release:
March 08, 2013
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Rosa Quiroz


Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa supports Florida legislation banning texting while driving

(Miami, FL) - Since 2008, Miami-Dade County Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa has sponsored legislation advocating the ban on texting while driving in Florida. As the Florida legislature’s 2013 session begins this week, the chairwoman continues to urge the Miami-Dade delegation to support the bills banning texting while driving presented during the session.

“One small distraction behind the wheel is big enough to shatter lives. Banning texting while driving will bring new hope to make our roadways safer for drivers and pedestrians. I encourage our State Legislators to take action to save lives,” said Chairwoman Sosa.

Florida is one of only five states that has not imposed a ban on texting while driving, whether for all drivers or limited groups of motorists. The following is a list of legislation sponsored by Chairwoman Sosa urging the Florida Legislature to ban texting while driving:

For more information, please call Chairwoman Sosa’s office at 305-267-6377.