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May 03, 2013
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Rosa Quiroz


Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa reacts to ban on texting-while-driving in Florida

(Miami, FL) -- Miami-Dade County Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa is a longtime supporter of banning texting-while-driving in Florida. She has the following message regarding yesterday’s adoption by the Senate of a House-amended legislation to approve the ban.

“I applaud our State Legislature for finally passing this much needed law that will save many lives and prevent property damage. I hope that this ban will make drivers more cautious with their actions while driving. Texting is a deadly distraction and I’m relieved that Florida will soon have safer roads,” said Chairwoman Sosa.

Since 2008, Chairwoman Sosa has sponsored legislation advocating the ban on texting-while-driving in Florida, including:

For more information, please call Chairwoman Sosa’s office at 305-267-6377.