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For Immediate Release:
July 03, 2013
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Betty Aguirre


County Commission creates task force to study impacts of sea level rise on Miami-Dade

(MIAMI) – As a densely populated low-lying coastal community with dozens of miles of prime seafront property, Miami-Dade County would be hit hard by the projected rise in sea level resulting from global climate change.  To assess and prepare for the potential impacts of rising sea levels, and to determine ways to reduce the County’s contribution to climate change, the Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution sponsored by Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa to create a Miami-Dade Sea Level Rise Task Force at its July 2, 2013, meeting.

“We can’t afford to wait and see how rising sea levels affect us because by that time it will be too late,” Chairwoman Sosa said. “We need to begin preparing now to protect our population, our infrastructure and our fragile ecosystem.”

The six-member Task Force will review existing studies to determine the realistic effects of sea level rise on Miami-Dade County vital facilities, water supplies, real estate, water front property, ecological resources, and infrastructure and develop recommendations for changes to the Comprehensive Development Master Plan, governmental facilities planning, budgetary priorities, and programs to lessen those impacts while minimizing the County’s use of greenhouse gases that lead to rising sea levels.

The Task Force will include Clerk of the Courts Harvey Ruvin and five other members nominated by County Commissioners, including at least one expert in each of the following areas: civil engineering with a focus on infrastructure;  community and real estate development; climatology, geophysics, coastal management, oceanography or coastal ocean science; economics; and emergency management.

The Task Force will have until July 2014, a year after the resolution’s approval, to submit its findings and recommendations. The Task Force also may be renewed annually if more time is needed.

For more information on the resolution, please call Chairwoman Sosa’s office at 305-375-4696.