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For Immediate Release:
September 16, 2013
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Betty Aguirre


Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa urges motorists to obey Florida's new ban on texting while driving

(MIAMI) – Starting next month, Florida’s roads should become safer thanks to a new state law that Miami-Dade County Commission Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa has been championing since 2008.

On Oct. 1, Florida’s ban on texting while driving will go into effect. Violators will face penalties of $30 plus court costs for a first offense and $60 for a second offense.

“I’m thrilled that Florida will be joining the 40 other states that prohibit the dangerous distraction of texting while driving,” Chairwoman Sosa said. “I urge motorists to obey the new law, because one second of distraction behind the wheel can spell the difference between life and death.”

In December 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board urged all U.S. states to ban drivers from using electronic devices while driving, including text messaging, after several investigations found that texting was a leading contributor to accident-related fatalities.

The following is a list of resolutions Chairwoman Sosa has sponsored to ban texting while driving:

File 121522, introduced July 2012, adopted September 2012 (prime sponsor)
File 120053, introduced and adopted January 2012 (co-sponsor)
File 102214, introduced and adopted September 2010 (co-sponsor)
File 092854, introduced October 2009 and adopted November 2009 (prime sponsor)
File 090131, introduced January 2009, adopted February 2009 (prime sponsor)
File 082993, introduced October 2008, adopted December 2008 (co-sponsor)

Additionally, Chairwoman Sosa will join her colleagues tomorrow at the September 17, 2013 Board of County Commissioners meeting to present a proclamation declaring September 19, 2013 as “Drive 4 Pledges Day,” a national initiative which encourages residents to never text while driving.

For more information, please call Chairwoman Sosa’s office at 305-375-4696.