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March 04, 2014
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Betty Aguirre

Chairwoman Sosa closes the "Donut Hole"

(MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL)  – In an effort to promote sustainable growth, the Miami-Dade County Commission on March 4 approved an ordinance sponsored by Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa to prevent the creation of pockets of undeveloped land outside the Urban Development Boundary (UDB).

The ordinance amends Section 2-116.1 of the Code of Miami-Dade County to prohibit future applications to expand the UDB that would result in enclaves, or “donut holes,” of undeveloped land surrounded more than 75 percent by developed land – a situation that in the past has created pressure for further development beyond the UDB.

“The donut hole scenario has plagued Miami-Dade County in the past by resulting in pockets of undeveloped land,” Chairwoman Sosa said. “In planning for the future, we must avoid creating these orphan parcels so we can take full advantage of infill development.” 

Local environmentalists welcomed the ordinance.

“This is a great positive step forward in not encouraging sprawl-inducing developments,” Celeste De Palma of the Tropical Audubon Society told Commissioners.