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For Immediate Release:
December 01, 2015
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Manuel Orbis Jr


Commissioner Sosa wants domestic violence eradicated in Miami-Dade County

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a legislative package, sponsored by Commissioner Sosa, aimed at curbing domestic violence. Commissioner Sosa’s comprehensive approach involves multiple agencies and stakeholders to provide a unified front to address and prevent this scourge in our society.

Commissioner Sosa’s multi-faceted effort to prevent domestic violence, calls for:

“Together we can help those who have had their lives upended by domestic violence and let them know that they are not alone; they do not have to suffer in silence,” said Commissioner Sosa. “Our community is full of great people who will join us in spreading the message of hope and take an active part in stopping this abuse.” Continued Commissioner Sosa, “We, as your elected officials have to step up and work together. By coupling educational approaches with greater community involvement and stronger penalties, we can go a long way towards making sure that people do not have to live in fear.”