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For Immediate Release:
January 20, 2016
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Manuel Orbis Jr


Miami-Dade County to begin pilot program to address sea level rise

Today, County Commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution initiating a pilot program to identify areas most threatened by rising seas. The legislation, sponsored by Commissioner Sosa, is part of her ongoing commitment to addressing sea level rise and follows up on a recommendation made by the Sea Level Rise Task Force.

Created by legislation also sponsored by Commissioner Sosa, the Sea Level Rise Task Force convened several meetings and proffered recommendations to address sea level rise. One such recommendation, adopted by the County Commission as Resolution R-44-15, called for studying the feasibility of designating climate change Adaptation Action Areas. As a result, the administration conducted a study and concluded that the best approach was to begin with a pilot program to identify the most vulnerable areas.

Pilot Program to Identify Adaptation Action Areas:
The program will use the best available science to designate Adaptation Action Areas on the basis of their vulnerability to climate change. The aim of this designation is to provide a more holistic view of the challenges present in these areas, and then use this information to produce comprehensive solutions that can account for multiple issues at once. Moreover, such designation may assist with the acquisition of grants to fund adaptation options. It should be noted that the program includes both incorporated and unincorporated areas to facilitate a more inclusive and efficient planning process.

Next Step:
The experience gained through this pilot process will be used to support the designation of subsequent rounds of Adaptation Action Areas, which will include a more detailed vulnerability assessment.

“It is very encouraging to see us moving forward on combatting sea level rise,” said Commissioner Sosa. “While the road ahead may be challenging, I am confident that our steady and level-headed approach will allow us to achieve a truly resilient community.”

Adaptation Action Area means a designation in the coastal management element of a local government’s comprehensive plan which identifies one or more areas that experience coastal flooding due to extreme high tides and storm surge, and that are vulnerable to the related impacts of rising sea levels for the purpose of prioritizing funding for infrastructure needs and adaptation planning.

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