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March 08, 2016
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Manuel Orbis Jr


Addressing sea level rise

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa continues taking on the issue of sea level rise. Her latest proposals call for the development of a “Sea Level Rise Checklist” and review of federal and state transportation agencies’ methods and tools to bolster the county’s resiliency efforts. The initiatives received unanimous support at the March 8, 2016 Board of County Commissioners Meeting.

Sea Level Rise Checklist:
Miami-Dade County will begin the process of developing a “Sea Level Rise Checklist” similar to that of the City of San Francisco. The measure seeks to make certain that County infrastructure projects consider the impact of sea level rise, as per previous legislation (Links: Ordinance No. 14-79 & Resolution R-451-14) also filed by Commissioner Sosa. While specific details are forthcoming, the checklist will be used by county departments in assessing sea level rise and flooding prior to implementing a capital improvement project.

Building a Resilient Transportation System:
In an effort to create a more resilient transportation system, county administrators will examine the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHA) “Building a Climate Resilient Transportation System,” and the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) planning process. Both the FHA and FDOT have taken significant steps towards producing tools which may be used by local governments to assess the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure to sea level rise and extreme weather conditions. Moving forward, county departments will study and implement these methods for future transportation projects.

“Sea level rise continues to be one of my top priorities,” said Commissioner Sosa. “These latest initiatives will help us make sure we are taking sea level rise into account in everything we do and using the best available information to prepare our community.”

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Sea Level Rise Checklist:

Planning for a Resilient Transportation System: