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July 21, 2016
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Manuel Orbis Jr


Commissioner Sosa wants FPL to stop using cooling canals at Turkey Point by 2033

On July 19, 2016, Commissioner Sosa's resolution supporting Mayor Carlos Gimenez' push for the discontinued use of the cooling canal system employed by Florida Power and Light at its Turkey Point Power Plant passed unanimously.

This latest initiative is in step with previous legislation sponsored by Commissioner Sosa aimed at addressing the troubled cooling canal system. Last year Commissioner Sosa sponsored legislation calling for a third party report on the state of the canals after FPL reported that its monitoring system found them to be experiencing high salinity levels and temperatures. Subsequently, it was found that the canals are not only deteriorating but have been leaking trace amounts of radioactive tritium into Biscayne Bay and seeping a hypersaline plume into our groundwater.

Citing these issues and the community's growing concern, Commissioner Sosa's resolution supports Mayor Carlos Gimenez' request for a commitment from FPL to shift away from using the cooling canal system by 2033 in favor of more modern technology.

Statement from Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

"For me, it is plain to see that the cooling canal system at Turkey Point needs to be replaced. It has been around for over forty years, and it is time that FPL looks into newer technologies," said Commissioner Sosa. "Recent radioactive leaks into Biscayne Bay and saltwater intrusion into our aquifer are extremely worrisome to me and are threatening our most precious natural resources. Not to mention we don't know what sort of impact sea level rise might have on the aging canal system." Commissioner Sosa continued, "I commend my colleagues and the Mayor for uniting on this initiative and have confidence that FPL will take into account our message when deciding on how to move forward."

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