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For Immediate Release:
September 09, 2016
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Manuel Orbis Jr


Commissioner Sosa sponsors legislation to help eliminate septic tanks in Miami-Dade County

During the September 7, 2016, Board of County Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Sosa presented two resolutions aimed at helping homeowners transition away from septic tanks.

Citing the potential of sanitary and environmental issues, Commissioner Sosa proposed a resolution urging all of the cities within Miami-Dade County to join the County in trying to secure state and federal funding to eliminate septic systems and convert to sewer system connections. The companion resolution supports an initiative by Governor Rick Scott that would provide matching funds to local communities embarking on building wastewater systems for the purpose of providing homeowners with the opportunity of switching from a septic tank system to a sewer system. The request for funding will be part of the Governor’s 2017 Budget Proposal and Legislative package that is to be voted on by the Florida Legislature.

“The algae blooms we saw this year opened everyone’s eyes to the importance of protecting our bodies of water,” said Commissioner Sosa. “Our community is uniquely under threat from sea level rise and would greatly benefit from fully moving away from septic tanks. I thank and commend Governor Scott for his initiative and am hopeful that our legislature will approve the funding.”

Link to Commissioner Rebeca Sosa’s legislative items: