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For Immediate Release:
July 24, 2017
Media Contact:
Manuel Orbis Jr


Ludlam Trail Corridor District adopted into the Comprehensive Development Masterplan

In a landmark vote the Board of County Commissioners formally adopted the Ludlam Trail Corridor District as part of the Miami-Dade Comprehensive Development Master Plan. The Ludlam Trail Corridor District adopted on Wednesday, July 18, 2017, is the product of years of collaboration initiated by Commissioner Rebeca Sosa between residents and the private owner of the trail. The land use elements for the newly created special district will guide the future of the currently empty railway corridor as it transforms into a multipurpose public space. Similar to Atlanta’s Beltline and New York City’s Highline, the Ludlam Trail is envisioned to incorporate recreational areas and green trails for enhanced connectivity between communities.

The adopted Ludlam Trail Corridor District contrasts to the original proposals considered by the railway corridor’s private owner, Florida East Coast Industries, which contemplated the potential construction of developments along its length, including areas abutting single family homes. The final adoption of the district within the Comprehensive Development Master Plan is the result of multiple charrettes and numerous meetings convened by Commissioner Sosa with residents of the area and Florida East Coast Industries to ensure that the long-term vision remained sensitive to the quality of life of those neighbors abutting the trail. City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez was a frequent participant at the public meetings convened by Commissioner Sosa for the visioning of the current railway corridor which partially runs through his municipal district. The creation of the Ludlam Trail Corridor District within the County’s Comprehensive Development Master Plan was also supported by Commissioner Xavier Suarez who, together with Commissioner Sosa, represents an equal portion of the trail.

The designation establishes the Ludlam Trail as a district of countywide significance to enhance regional mobility, provide opportunities for physical activity, and stimulate the economic vitality of the area. As part of the new district designation, the former railway corridor is anticipated to be a publicly accessible, pedestrian and bicycle trail with certain nodes of responsible development that is sensitive and compatible to the adjacent areas.

Commissioner Sosa offered the following statement following Wednesday’s unanimous vote of the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners adopting the Ludlam Trail Corridor District, “The adoption of the Ludlam Trail Corridor District as part of the Comprehensive Development Master Plan formalizes a vision created with the collaboration of the public for a greenway connecting people and communities. As we now allow this wonderful vision to unfold, I remain committed to continue being an advocate for public green spaces and responsible planning that complements the residential areas abutting the Ludlam Trail. My heartfelt gratitude to the hundreds of neighbors and Florida East Coast Industries for the countless hours invested to protect this greenway, foster an environment conducive to a healthy lifestyle, enhance connectivity for communities from Miami International Airport to Dadeland, and stimulate economic vitality with opportunities for all residents. Ludlam Trail is certainly a great undertaking, and its future has never been more promising than today!”