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February 07, 2019
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Manuel Orbis Jr.
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Commissioner Sosa sponsors creation of the Biscayne Bay Task Force

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL – On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Miami-Dade County Commissioners gave unanimous approval to legislation sponsored by Commissioner Rebeca Sosa establishing the Biscayne Bay Task Force.

“The importance of protecting Biscayne Bay cannot be overstated. It is a national treasure that serves as the home to precious wildlife and is vital to the economic well-being of our county,” said Commissioner Sosa. “The Biscayne Bay Task Force will be tasked with advising the County on issues concerning the bay and offering recommendations as to how to best to address those issues. Creating the task force was a community inspired effort that I am proud to have put forward. I commend my colleagues for their complete support of this initiative, and look forward to working with the newly created task force on implementing their recommendations.”

Miami-Dade County is bordered on the east by Biscayne Bay National Park, which is of intrinsic ecological and environmental value given its wealth of wildlife species and natural beauty. Additionally, the bay contributes heavily to our local economy as it welcomes countless visitors from all parts of the world and supports recreational and commercial fishing. However, the bay faces numerous threats that can impact its sustainability. Sea level rise, alga blooms, seagrass die-off and water quality concerns serve as examples of the challenges associated with the management and care of the bay. With that in mind, Commissioner Sosa worked with community groups, county staff, and experts on drafting the composition and mission of the Biscayne Bay Task Force.

The Biscayne Bay Task Force will be empaneled by nine individuals of specific qualifications that can lend their expertise in addressing the issues affecting the bay. These individuals are charged with studying the bay and collaborating with county, state, and federal agencies in furtherance of their mission of producing recommendations for an action plan identifying problems and remedies. Those recommendations will be included in a future report to the Board of County Commissioners and the Mayor.

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