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For Immediate Release:
October 04, 2011
Media Contact:
Maurice R. Hernandez


Commissioner Lynda Bell opens 3-1-1 Service Center at South Miami-Dade Justice Center

Commissioner Lynda Bell officially opened the new 3-1-1 Service Center located within the South Miami-Dade Government Center complex (10710 S.W. 211 Street, Suite 204, Cutler Bay, Florida) on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 9:00 am. The 3-1-1 Service Center will be one of three similar facilities located throughout the county which are designed to provide residents with a convenient way to access County services and information at nearby locations. 

The 3-1-1 Service Centers came about as a result of Commissioner Lynda Bell’s work to restore government services to residents who, would otherwise, have to travel to downtown Miami at great inconvenience and significant expense to access these services.

“A focus on our communities, customer service, and putting our residents first is the most important thing that a government can do for its people, today we strengthen the commitment of serving the public in a better and more efficient way,” said Commissioner Bell.   
The new service center will have staff available to assist residents with general information, referrals and the purchase of items such as baby stroller permits, dog tags, transit passes and more.  Residents will also be able to make property tax payments to the County, schedule services, or search public records and maps and much, much more.

“Today, I fulfill a promise to the residents of County Commission District 8 in bringing government services closer to them.  But, this is just a first step.  As time passes, we will continue to explore ways where we can add to this center in the hopes of utilizing our South Miami-Dade Government Center to its maximum potential,”  added Commissioner Bell.