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31, 2012

Maurice R. Hernandez


Commissioner Lynda Bell serves-up great food at Harvey's Smokehouse and BBQ in Cutler Bay as part of her monthly "Work Days" program

Commissioner Lynda Bell joined the staff of Harvey's Smokehouse BBQ in Cutler Bay on Friday, July 27th as part of her successful monthly "Work Days" program.  In addition, Harvey's participated in the County's Neighbors and Neighbors "Mom & Pop" Small Business Grant Program and was subsequently, selected for a $2,000 grant to expand their small business and better serve their customers.

"I was delighted to have had the opportunity to learn firsthand the inner workings of such a small but successful business.   I was also given a unique opportunity to learn of the many challenges they face from local government as they strive to not only keep the doors open to their customers but to thrive in a difficult economy, Said Commissioner Bell.  "The proprietors of this wonderful little eatery, Harvey and Natalie Alexander, showed me every aspect of their operations, giving me a whole new appreciation for their work - let alone their delicious food."

Harvey's Smokehouse BBQ was established in 2009 by Harvey and Natalie Alexander, bringing the residents of Cutler Bay and the surrounding area, a taste of wholesome, country BBQ.  As a result of their commitment and dedication to quality, Harvey's Smokehouse BBQ was voted "Best BBQ in South Florida" by ABC Local News 10 in 2011, and voted "Top 10 BBQ" by the readers of Miami New Times magazine in 2012.

Commissioner Bell's highly successful "Work Day's" program provides a first-hand appreciation of the everyday pressures and challenges that local business owners, employees and customers face on a day-to-day basis while taking back to the County Commission a true understanding of their needs and concerns for the purposes of formulating future legislation intended to foster vital economic growth, job creation and government efficiency.  Commissioner Bell's "Work Days" program has been highly acclaimed by a number of governmental organizations and institutions, including the National Association of Counties (NACO) as examples in innovative leadership.