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05, 2013

Maurice R. Hernandez

Statement by Commission Vice Chair Lynda Bell

Vice Chair Lynda Bell provided the following statement to the The Miami Herald regarding the grave concerns over Frank Nero’s continued stewardship of the Beacon Council. Although the complete statement was not included in the Herald’s article, Mrs. Bell felt it appropriate to release her full observations at this time:

"The ongoing discussion about the Beacon Council is not about politics, it’s about good policy. A cursory review of the salaries of public executives (and many private executives) in our county shows that Mr. Nero's salary is excessive and unjustifiable. Mr. Nero is a highly paid executive of an organization that is unaccountable to the public, yet depends on public funds for over two-thirds of its budget. If the Beacon Council wants to more directly and cogently serve the interests of the residents of Miami-Dade County, it should start by changing its leadership structure. Otherwise, public support will continue to erode. The trending economic reality requires a relevant blue print for the future, one that serves every corner of this diverse county. It's simple - The people are asking for transparency, accountability, and new economic deliverables/benchmarks that match our times, if the current leadership won’t do it, it's time to evaluate who will."

Vice Chair Lynda Bell serves as Chair of the County Commission’s Economic Development and Port Miami Committee, as well as a member of the Health and Social Services and Land Use & Development Committees.