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Augosto 15, 2013
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Maurice R. Hernandez


Statement by Commission Vice Chair Lynda Bell

Commission Vice Chair Lynda Bell released the following statement in response to a number of dishonest and slanderous attacks by certain groups concerning a July 8, 2013, proposal to amend the existing Miami-Dade County Code on discrimination. 

 “All items before the Commission deserve the full vetting of the democratic process, which includes input from all stakeholders and the community as a whole. The item in question was deferred at the Health & Social Services Committee, and subsequently withdrawn from consideration by its sponsors. As such, no one, my colleagues, the general public, nor I, had the opportunity to ask questions or express our opinions in favor of or against the item.” 

“I am one vote on the Commission, and I do not have the power to single-handedly derail any piece of legislation.  To indicate or suggest otherwise, based on the results of one preliminary vote is misleading at best and divisionary and inflammatory at worst.”