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July 09, 2014
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Alex Fernandez

Vice Chair Bell leads fight against animal cruelty

(MIAMI-DADE, FL) – Outraged by reports about the deplorable conditions found at commercial animal breeding facilities, Miami-Dade County Commission Vice Chair Lynda Bell is leading the fight against inhumane puppy mills and kitten factories.

The Public Safety and Animal Services Committee of the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners today unanimously approved the Miami-Dade Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Ordinance sponsored by Vice Chair Bell.

The ordinance, which will next head to the full Board for consideration, would require all pet breeders to obtain a license and pet dealers to provide a certificate of source for each dog or cat offered for sale. The ordinance also prohibits breeding female dogs and cats more than once a year and breeding any animal that is sick. Once adopted, the regulations will also apply to Internet ads of animals for sale.  Each violation of the new regulations would carry a $500 fine.

“We must make Miami-Dade County a more humane County, and we can’t let dollars be our guiding principle when it comes to how we treat our animals,” Vice Chair Bell said at a press conference to announce the ordinance’s passage in committee. “This is the first big bite we’re taking against animal cruelty – a step in the right direction.”

Animal Services Department Director Alex Muñoz said the ordinance also would help the County achieve its “no-kill” goal by reducing the pet overpopulation.

“This is one more way we will be able to save more animals and reduce our shelter intake,” he said.