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For Immediate Release:
September 14, 2015
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Johanna Cervone

Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava attends US-China Climate Leaders Summit in Los Angeles

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava will travel to Los Angeles on September 14th to attend the 2015 bi-lateral Climate Leaders Summit hosted by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. The summit is the first official gathering of US and Chinese leaders on the issue of climate change in advance of the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris at the end of this year. The purpose of the summit is to enhance global cooperation on climate change and sea level rise through local commitments and agreements. 

“Our county is ground zero for sea level rise in the United States and rising waters pose a serious threat to our community, economy and way of life. Local governments around the world are working to find solutions and the summit is a key opportunity for local leaders to share best practices on combatting and preparing for sea level rise. I thank Mayor Gimenez for including me in his delegation. I look forward to learning more from US and international experts and leaders and bringing these recommendations and ideas for local government solutions back to Miami-Dade County,” said Commissioner Levine Cava.

Miami-Dade has been at the forefront of climate planning for many years. The County’s early involvement in local government solutions to climate change dates back to the 1980’s and has been seen as a national leader on local climate change mitigation efforts.  The County has remained at the forefront of local government efforts as a member of the Southeast Florida Climate Change Compact, and has been developing local solutions through the Climate Change Advisory Taskforce and subsequent Sea Level Rise Taskforce. 

Commissioner Levine Cava recently passed legislation calling for the development of the next 5-year “GreenPrint” sustainability plan for the County, and continues to advocate for an accelerated timeline for a climate change adaptation implementation strategy. “This week’s summit in Los Angeles is an opportunity to learn from other local leaders throughout the United States and China facing similar challenges and to learn from each other about strategies to protect our communities from an increasingly unstable climate and rising seas,” said Levine Cava.