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For Immediate Release:
October 06, 2015
Media Contact:
Johanna Cervone

Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners adopts Commissioner Levine Cava's open data resolution, encourages transparency and economic development

The Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution calling for the creation of an open data policy for the county following the guidelines provided by The Sunlight Foundation. Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava sponsored the legislation and seeks to improve government accountability and transparency through technology.

“Making data more accessible will go a long way towards restoring trust in government through openness and transparency. This policy will make sure that the information is readily available, easy to understand and use, and helps our residents track what their government is doing. Residents are often unaware of services the government provides or how much useful information the government gathers that can help to inform our work and improve our quality of life.” said Commissioner Levine Cava.

Commissioner Levine Cava proposed creating an open data policy as an important tool for economic development by making publicly available information more accessible to technology entrepreneurs working to developing applications and programs that can grow business opportunities. Open data requires that documents be freely available in digital formats and downloaded “in bulk” instead of manually retrieved record-by-record.

“My goal is to have the County develop a ‘data commons’ that will open avenues for creativity, entrepreneurship and job creation in our community. If we want to be on the cutting edge of major metropolitan areas in terms of data availability, we must update our government systems and policies so we attract 21st century technology development and grow as a center for innovation. The Mayor has been out front on this issue as an advocate for open data and I appreciate the hard work already underway at the Miami-Dade Communications Department and Information Technology Department finding creative ways to make our county more open to our residents,” explained Commissioner Levine Cava.

The Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for open government, offers guidelines on its website that explain how to implement a local open data policy. The report, prepared by the Mayor’s office, will also study how to routinely update the data and identify security measures to protect the portal from cyber-attacks.