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September 28, 2017
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Mia DeVane
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Commissioner Levine Cava hosts post-Irma Telephone Town Hall meeting

MIAMI-DADE – In an effort to help the County become more resilient to disasters and better prepare for future storms, Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava hosted a post-Irma Telephone Town Hall meeting last night to hear her constituents’ experiences, concerns and suggested solutions for better services. “I want to know what worked, what did not work and, above all, to discuss solutions to how we can better prepare for the future,” said Commissioner Levine Cava.

More than 100 participants were on the call and many offered live comments or emailed in their suggestions. Topics included: building underground power lines, lowering canal levels, more communications about shelter availability, more pet-friendly shelters, tree-planting guidelines, reversing traffic on south-bound lanes, evacuation plans with alternative routes, consideration for vulnerable populations, debris removal processes, traffic safety devices, mobilizing volunteers, and more.

The culmination of comments, along with periodic polling during the call, reveal an overarching theme that communication was key to the community’s ability to plan for and recover from the storm. “While information before the storm seems to have reached most of my constituents, there are still opportunities to improve,” said Commissioner Levine Cava. “The callers needed the most help with information on post-storm assistance, although many noted that information before the storm was often late or confusing. I have heard from hundreds of residents through this Town Hall call, other phone calls, emails, and visits that we need to do more to help the most vulnerable prepare and respond. We need to remember that 6 of 10 residents are financially insecure and need help with basics during recovery. Partnering with community-based organizations is essential as they are on the ground serving these communities. I will be bringing these issues to our emergency planners to see how we can continue to improve.” Commissioner Levine Cava provided the results of the Town Hall meeting and additional comments from constituents to her colleagues on the Board of County Commissioners during today’s County debriefing about Irma.

A recording of the Town Hall is available here: