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November 22, 2017
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Mia DeVane

Commissioner Levine Cava opposes cuts to South Dade transit routes

bus route cuts
Commissioner Levine Cava shows areas lacking service on the transit map.

MIAMI-DADE – Miami Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava voted against cuts to transit routes in South Dade, continuing her fight for South Dade’s fair share and improved transit options.

“I have been pressing the transit department for nearly three years to make changes to their underperforming routes so that the thousands of people in Princeton and Palm Glade in my district would have access to transit,” said Commissioner Levine Cava. “Instead all we get are service cuts. This is not acceptable and South Dade deserves better.”

Explained Levine Cava, “I’m trying to find ways to reduce the terrible gridlock confronting South Dade commuters, and it just makes sense to bring transit to the more than 11,000 people in Princeton and Palm Glade that now have no choice but to travel by car.”

The cuts will combine Route 70 with Route 35 and remove portions of the route. Also, headways on Route 31 will be changed from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, but changes to Route 38 will provide overlapping service that should help make up for that loss.

While the Commissioner understands that there are underperforming routes that aren’t cost-effective, Commissioner Levine Cava has been asking for service efficiencies to bring more riders to try transit. Unfortunately, the Administration’s approach has only been to look for ways to cut the budget. In opposing the proposed cuts, she said, “We’re trying to get more people to ride, but we’re making it harder for them to make that choice.”

The cuts were proposed by the County Department of Transportation and Public Works, approved by the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, Nov. 21, and will be implemented on February 4, 2018.