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For Immediate Release:
January 19, 2011
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Veronica Buie


Statement from Commissioner Moss regarding the death of Akil Larue Oliver

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Dennis C. Moss releases the following statement:

"I stand with the family and the community in expressing my outrage at the fact that Nabil Sulaiman who is accused in the death of Akil Larue Oliver at a West Perrine convenience store was allowed to flee the country.  This is a concern that has been voiced by the family and the community for some time.  I call upon the State Attorney's Office, the U.S. Justice Department, the F.B.I., Immigration and Border Patrol, our own Miami Dade County Police Department and any other responsible agency, to do what is necessary, and what is right: to bring Nabil Sulaiman back to Miami-Dade County to face trial.  The family and the community have gone through enough as a result of this tragic event, and having one of the defendants, namely Nabil Sulaiman, not answer to the allegations in this case, just adds insult to injury."

On November 18, 2010, two store clerks: 19 year-old Nabil Sulaiman and 24 year-old Ragheb M. Sulaiman were arrested for killing Akil Larue Oliver, after a confrontation at a West Perrine Convenience Store.

One of the clerks hit the man on his head with a bottle and the other clerk hit the man on top of his head with a crowbar, killing him. The incident occurred at the Quick Stop store at 9720 SW 168th Street.

Ragheb M. Sulaiman is charged with second degree murder, while Nabil is charged with aggravated battery. Ragheb is being held without bail, while Nabil's bond was set at $10,000, before he fled the country.