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July 10, 2014
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Jamil Rivers

Commissioner Dennis C. Moss sponsors resolution requiring property owners to be notified when a complaint is received but inspection does not reveal code violation

(MIAMI, FL) - The Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners recently implemented a policy that would require written notification to be sent to property owners when a complaint is received of a county code violation but an inspection fails to reveal the violation. The County currently does not provide the owner of the property any notification that an inspection has been conducted based on a complaint by a citizen.

This legislation, sponsored by Commissioner Dennis C. Moss, addresses a large number of the code enforcement inspections conducted in Miami-Dade County that are a result of a complaint by concerned citizens.   In some instances due to an inability to access a portion of the property or other circumstances the reported violation may not be visible upon initial inspection.  “Sending a letter to the owner of the property may result in the correction of some of these violations,” said Commissioner Moss.  “Notification to the owner under circumstances like this may very well initiate compliance without further action from the County.”