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For Immediate Release:
December 28, 2015
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Jamil Rivers
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Statement from Commissioner Dennis C. Moss on the senseless killing of 7 year old in Richmond Heights

(MIAMI, FL) – "Yesterday, our worst nightmare was realized with the senseless, brutal‎ killing of a 7-year-old child in the Richmond Heights area by community terrorists who have no respect for human life. The sad part is that someone knew that this was going to happen, and they said nothing. The result is a dead 7 year old. I call on all law enforcement resources to pursue the criminals responsible to the ends of the earth and punish them to the greatest extent possible. Finally, my message to the community is that these horrendous atrocities will continue to happen unless we all work together to stop them. We know who these few bad apples are who are terrorizing our neighborhoods. They are our children, our relatives, our friends and neighbors. As long as we stand by and say nothing when we know these crimes are occurring or about to occur we will continue to see 7 year olds gunned down in our community."  – Commissioner Dennis C. Moss