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Event: Oleta River Canoe Tour
Event Date: 04/25/15 10:00AM
Description: Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life in Miami, the Oleta River is an unchanged beacon for wildlife. Relive the river's historic past with park naturalists as you explore the transition of ecosystems in this natural haven for wading birds, osprey, fish, and the endangered manatee. This trip meets at East Greynolds Park; please bring plenty of drinking water (at least one quart), closed-toe shoes, and protection from the sun.
Event: Introduction to Archery at Crandon Park
Event Date: 04/30/15 04:00PM
Description: Learn about the origins and history of archery as both a sport and tool for survival in this educational and hands-on seminar before being instructed on proper technique. After the lesson, take some practice shots at a target to test your new skills.