Fakahatchee Strand Swamp Exploration

Fakahatchee Strand Swamp Exploration


This is wild Florida at its best. Leave your inhibitions behind and follow an informative guide into the heart of the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve in Collier County.  In this daunting, but picturesque swamp, you will discover some of the rarest plants in Florida, including the Ghost Orchid, which made the best-selling book, "The Orchid Thief," famous.  Here too is where your footprints can mingle with those of the Florida panther, black bear and Everglades mink.  Not only is this a place that is rich in flora and fauna, it also has an interesting history, and part of your tour you will walk along old, elevated logging roads created to harvest cypress trees in the 1940s.  Prepare for rugged adventure on this EcoAdventure!

What should I bring with me on the tour?
Bring plenty of water, at least 2-quarts per person. Protection from the sun including sun block with a high SPF (15 or higher), hats, and sunglasses are important. Insect repellant is recommended during the wet season (May - November). A lunch and snacks are highly recommended, there will be little or no food options on this excursion.  Cameras and binoculars are recommended to enhance your experience. A change of clothes and towel are recommended. Closed-toe shoes are required.      

Tour Location / Departure Point
To be determined

$50 *Prices include tax and are subject to change.
For reservations please call 305-666-5885.